Tower Assault! CZI - Firing Brains Will Be Your Only Weapon To Survive

A Zombie Curse Has Arrived Into The Apple Store with The New Release of "Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island" by Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive LLC. We are not really used to seeing that our last weapon is firing brains and command a zombie horde to victory, but this is the case. A new TD adventure style game has showed off at the apple store, letting people to see that devs are just not that closed mind and just clone & polish some other existing games, Rogue Pirate has showed the creativity to innovate an existing TD style game into a whole new an unique one. I have seen and played lot of TD games so far and all of them are just boring alike.

Tower Assault offers a nice soundtrack to make you feel as you were in the zombie horde battle against that "Good Witch Doctors" for real. The gameplay is just amazing, controls are pretty simple to use and understandable, there are difficulties to choose, treasures to dig up, many challenges and some other mysterious secrets hiding inside of the canopy jungle.

Graphics are just that polished as the ones on the screens at the apple store, the enviroments and each map played are well  3D-2D designed. The Game is priced 2.99 USD and its really worthy if you love TD games and incase you are tired of those boring old ones, this will be the chance to start loving this style games again thanks to Rogue Pirate Ninja Devs for changing the way to play a real Tower Defense.  

-Tower Defense Games Hardly Ever Were That Fun Since I Never could Defense Myself Using My Brain To Defeat.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

As Suggestion Gamecenter will be a good option to share and get achievements, and to bring those graphics to a retina display support.

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