Tower Assault! CZI - Firing Brains Will Be Your Only Weapon To Survive


A Zombie Curse Has Arrived Into The Apple Store with The New Release of "Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island" by Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive LLC. We are not really used to seeing that our last weapon is firing brains and command a zombie horde to victory, but this is the case. A new TD adventure style game has showed off at the apple store, letting people to see that devs are just not that closed mind and just clone & polish some other existing games, Rogue Pirate has showed the creativity to innovate an existing TD style game into a whole new an unique one. I have seen and played lot of TD games so far and all of them are just boring alike.

Tower Assault offers a nice soundtrack to make you feel as you were in the zombie horde battle against that "Good Witch Doctors" for real. The gameplay is just amazing, controls are pretty simple to use and understandable, there are difficulties to choose, treasures to dig up, many challenges and some other mysterious secrets hiding inside of the canopy jungle.

Graphics are just that polished as the ones on the screens at the apple store, the enviroments and each map played are well  3D-2D designed. The Game is priced 2.99 USD and its really worthy if you love TD games and incase you are tired of those boring old ones, this will be the chance to start loving this style games again thanks to Rogue Pirate Ninja Devs for changing the way to play a real Tower Defense.  

-Tower Defense Games Hardly Ever Were That Fun Since I Never could Defense Myself Using My Brain To Defeat.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

As Suggestion Gamecenter will be a good option to share and get achievements, and to bring those graphics to a retina display support.

ILLUSIA by Gamevil - Coming Soon


There isnt any info released about this new upcoming RPG title by gamevil because it is a closed beta tester system and user who applied must keep the info private until the game release, so we are just going to show only a video of the actual game, we hope to add a review soon as the game comes out to the apple store soon or later. Stay Tuned.

Youtube Teaser:

Touch The Beat Preview - Com2us


Touch The Beat "Pimp Your Taps" Is Coming Soon To Your iPhone, iPod & iPad (It will be Released As Universal App).

Are You Sick of Those Old Tap Games?, Then You Must Try This One by Com2us soon.

This game owns a TTB Store Which Lets You To Download More Songs Via Point Thru The Game, Skins For Your Taps, The Way To Buy More TTB Points And Lot of Nice Stuff to make the game enjoyable.

  • This New Tap & Groove Game Promises a Whole Different Game Mode, The Way To Play Your Favorite Songs, Create your Own Beat on your favorite songs and the way to share 'em to your friends.

More Info Will Be Added As Soon As We Play This One..

[Gamelabs ]D.A.R.K - New RPG Will Hit The Stores Sometime!


A few days ago The Pathfinder sends out a help message to HQ.No one has answered that call. An entire ship is on an important mission to secure the future of mankind, and they have lost all contact. The HQ sends out their best trained rescue squad to investigate; highly trained special ops unit. Codename: D.A.R.K.You know System Shock. You watched Aliens. You like RPG's full of action, upgradable weapons, and an engrossing story. You love to kick ass. Well, you are going to enjoy this..


-Huge Sci Fi RPG
-Mind-blowing 3D graphics
-An enormous ship to explore
-Tons of upgradable weapons and items to find
-Unique Enemies with intelligent AI

Does anyone survive?

Find out soon on iPhone and iPod Touch

Doodle Gore by Gamelabs - Soon At Apple Store


Doodle Gore – The greatest looking 3D Doodle game ever! Addictive gameplay, great music, perfect HD graphics and the tons of fun course! Very soon, in AppStore, for your iPad. I hope We Can Add More Info About This Great Game.....

[HOTDOG Studio] Ready Action! - Just More Than An Adventure Game


Im Here To Present You A New Adventure Style Game Based On a Parody About  Famous Stars From Hollywood. The Main Character is a Hollywood kid who wants To be A movie star! But, there's a lil problem, your company is too poor to afford a long movie, so you must finish a movie fastly!! How long each?Just 30 Sec!! Some Features on This UnReleased Game Are: - 2 Parody Movie Characters: I-vata, Metal (More To Come), - 50 stages & 16 Costume collecting System, & - Hours of addictive gaming!

Im Currently Testing This Game, So I Will Bring More Info As Soon As I Play this, Im Really Enjoying it. No Retina Display Support But The Graphics Looks Pretty Good Enough.

Update: Controls are totally well designed and easy so your game becomes enjoyable, the levels are completely different, some of them are to complete the 30 seconds on time, others are to kill enemies for the same lapse of time and a few other levels are to pick objetcs before time runs out, meet to some character, and boss fights. Im really excited about devs listening to my feedback and adding power ups to future updates same as new characters.

By the time, there are only two movies to play, but each one content 25 levels of fun, the levels are not that easy to beat so you must be so good on this to arrive on time, and use your time recharge machine to recover lost time, but before you will need to pick those coins up for getting extra time. The Customes on the game will become available as soon as you progress on the game and at different prices, all of this can be bought by the coins you earn each level, there are many costumes to unlock, dont miss any, they all have diff skills. The Storyline is wonderful, theres no boring part of this parody-adventure game, you would love it when it hits sometime this November 18-19 &  Just For $0.99 USD, isnt that great?. This is a Must Have Game by HotDog Studios. Rating: 5 Stars


E-VILLE HD Now Hits The App. Store


E-VILLE its now available for  your iPod, iPhone & iPad in one application (Universal), And Released Over a Halloween Sale for only $0.99 cents, isnt that great for such an amazing game?.

We Are Proud of Being A Reviewer of E-Ville by POWapp, I have spent some minutes playing this since i got it from the apple store thanks to 'em, and I Was like WOW. Let's talk about the gameplay, well the controls are pretty simple and easy to manipulate, the graphics are really sharp and awsome on newer devices, the weapons such as Chainsaw, Snowball & Fireball Shooters look completely well designed and instant monster killer's. The Foes Trying to Feed Their Bellies Are Really Scary & Really Fast, So Watch Out, Dont Lose Your Head Or You Will Finish Like a Lil Angel Going To Heaven ^_^.

I Have Tested This Game On iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 and both run smoothly without any kind of lag, so don't lose your chance to play another great release from The Same Devs of Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH!.

Rating: 5 Stars (Must Have)

iTunes Link: