E-VILLE HD Now Hits The App. Store

E-VILLE its now available for  your iPod, iPhone & iPad in one application (Universal), And Released Over a Halloween Sale for only $0.99 cents, isnt that great for such an amazing game?.

We Are Proud of Being A Reviewer of E-Ville by POWapp, I have spent some minutes playing this since i got it from the apple store thanks to 'em, and I Was like WOW. Let's talk about the gameplay, well the controls are pretty simple and easy to manipulate, the graphics are really sharp and awsome on newer devices, the weapons such as Chainsaw, Snowball & Fireball Shooters look completely well designed and instant monster killer's. The Foes Trying to Feed Their Bellies Are Really Scary & Really Fast, So Watch Out, Dont Lose Your Head Or You Will Finish Like a Lil Angel Going To Heaven ^_^.

I Have Tested This Game On iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 and both run smoothly without any kind of lag, so don't lose your chance to play another great release from The Same Devs of Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH!.

Rating: 5 Stars (Must Have)

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/e-ville-hd/id399135687?mt=8&

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