[HOTDOG Studio] Ready Action! - Just More Than An Adventure Game

Im Here To Present You A New Adventure Style Game Based On a Parody About  Famous Stars From Hollywood. The Main Character is a Hollywood kid who wants To be A movie star! But, there's a lil problem, your company is too poor to afford a long movie, so you must finish a movie fastly!! How long each?Just 30 Sec!! Some Features on This UnReleased Game Are: - 2 Parody Movie Characters: I-vata, Metal (More To Come), - 50 stages & 16 Costume collecting System, & - Hours of addictive gaming!

Im Currently Testing This Game, So I Will Bring More Info As Soon As I Play this, Im Really Enjoying it. No Retina Display Support But The Graphics Looks Pretty Good Enough.

Update: Controls are totally well designed and easy so your game becomes enjoyable, the levels are completely different, some of them are to complete the 30 seconds on time, others are to kill enemies for the same lapse of time and a few other levels are to pick objetcs before time runs out, meet to some character, and boss fights. Im really excited about devs listening to my feedback and adding power ups to future updates same as new characters.

By the time, there are only two movies to play, but each one content 25 levels of fun, the levels are not that easy to beat so you must be so good on this to arrive on time, and use your time recharge machine to recover lost time, but before you will need to pick those coins up for getting extra time. The Customes on the game will become available as soon as you progress on the game and at different prices, all of this can be bought by the coins you earn each level, there are many costumes to unlock, dont miss any, they all have diff skills. The Storyline is wonderful, theres no boring part of this parody-adventure game, you would love it when it hits sometime this November 18-19 &  Just For $0.99 USD, isnt that great?. This is a Must Have Game by HotDog Studios. Rating: 5 Stars


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hotdogstudio said...

Thanx for preview. :)
I'm looking forward more detail review soon.

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