[Celsius Game Studio] Red Nova Beta - Preview

Another Space Shoot 'em up Game Coming to Your iPhone/iPod & iPad Soon, by Celsius Game Studio Called Red Nova, this game has been on development for some time ago, i had the luck to get into the beta testing and get some impressions about this upcoming game.

  • Red Nova is going to be an inertia-based sci-fi shoot em up (think Asteroids on crack)
  • No sprites here. It has true 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, with 30+ FPS on the iPhone 3G/2nd Gen iPod Touch, even with dozens of enemies on screen
  • Multiple enemy types (How many? I'll be releasing info on them right here in due time!)
  • The first game-mode will be a survival mode where you must destroy as many enemy ships as possible while staying alive
  • Hopefully there will be more than one game mode at launch! (I plan on adding lots of free updates too so you get the most for your money)
The dev has added more power ups to the game, the game is not done yet, there is still lot of work to do. It needs more improvements on its framerate to run smoothly on our devices.


Gameplay Video:

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