[Konami] PES 2011 - Preview

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce the hotly anticipated, the one and only PES Multiplayer!

This was the feature most requested on the 'feature wish list' section of our PES Facebook Fan Page, and there was no way we were going to ignore this. We are, as I write, working on this, our philosophy is if we are going to make a multiplayer version it has to be perfect, therefore we are working on three versions for you:

1 - Multiplayer Bluetooth seems to be looking pretty good.

2 - The Wi-Fi Local Version is dependent on the connection quality but it doesn't seem to suffer any performance issues.

3 - Online Multiplayer is a challenge we're still fighting. We?re trying our best, but if the game suffers lags and latency, we may have to forget about this. I feel it would be too frustrating for a user to have imperfect response to key inputs, and ruin all the magic moments a football match can contain.

I often try and imagine what a lag could correspond to in real life and the beautiful game. Well, you wouldn't see a player suddenly freezing on the pitch, but maybe the best representation would be to perform a perfect through ball for one of your forwards who started to run in the space in between defenders with perfect timing. And this same forward would suddenly stop running, for no apparent reason (whereas you were already ready to celebrate your goal, run around your room and shout 'who's the daddy now, who's the daddy' to whoever may listen!).

Oh, and guys, do you want a scoop? I happen to be best player of PES 2011 iPhone in the world for now. Yes, multiplayer has crowned me (against developers and artists from the studio). Once the game is out, I will try and keep this crown. Are you ready?

That's all for today folks!



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edd said...

Looks great cant wait

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