[Glowdot Productions] Rogue Runner Promocodes

Rogue Runner is an "endless run" game inspired by classic military platformer/shooter games like Metal Slug. Canabalt is great. Newer endless run games like Monster Dash have stepped it up by adding character enemies, guns, etc. I wanted to try to take it a step further. Two or three steps further actually.

You play as a soldier locked away in a top secret military base in the desert. After years of being experimented on and shaped into a super soldier by evil government agents and alien collaborators, you finally decide you've had enough. You hijack a prototype vehicle (either a jeep equipped with rocket boosters or a jumping tank) and bust out. All you gotta do is run as far away as you can, before the MIBs, aliens, UFOs and black helicopters can stop you.


Upcoming 1.2 Update adds new cemetery location and enemies for Halloween, and a CITY location:

Thanks to Dev For Giving Us Some Promocode For Our Followers to Enjoy This Awsome Game.

Gameplay Video:

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