[Ivanovich] Time Geeks: Find All! - Review

Time Geeks is a revolutionary seek and find game based on awesome Pixel Art graphics, retro style and a lot of fun - Just like in the 80's. +100 challenges, 6 game modes, 7 minigames and an exclusive Pixel Art editor included.

Time Geeks takes the never-changing hidden object genre and gives it a fresh coat of paint. Each level has you looking for one type of object or person in a pixel art scene. If you fail to find it within the time limit, you’ll need to restart and the object or objects will be placed elsewhere. The faster you find the object, the more stars you're awarded.

This is one of the most awsome games out there about pixel-art, and one of the games clasified by apple as new and noteworthy with lot of positive reviews under the itunes store. A new update has been sent to apple as Ivanovich Said:

"This upgrade can not take much longer to appear in the AppStore. It passed 3 days in an "Waiting for Review" state and now takes 3 days in an "In Review" state."


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