[Enora] iPirate Battle - Promocodes

In the game you are a 1800 century pirate, desperately trying to escape your pursuers.
How long can you stand against the growing hordes of attackers?
If you are good, you will come out on top at Pirate Battles online scoreboard

Pirate Battle is a fun fast paced action game, it's very easy to get into but mastering it is
difficult. Pour gunpowder into the canon, aim and fire - all with a simple and easy to learn gesture with a finger. You can even launch a broadside by using several fingers. It's fun and very addictive.

* Two difficulties to keep you playing and always wanting to come back
* Online highscore list so you can compete with the whole world or just your friends
* Seven types of powerups to help you rice to the top
* Great graphics and optimized to also run on first generations iPods
* Automatically saves your current game

Awsome Pirate Game Floating On The Apple Store Seas, For $0.99?, just get this one now and start playing like you were a real pirate. Rating: 4/5



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